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Family Nutrition Copilot

Phoebe is an artificial intelligence coach, powered by chatGPT, that helps you and your family sustain a balanced diet. Modern parenthood has lots of challenges and we want to help with one that has a great impact in the future health of our children, their diet. Developed by a parents with first hand experience of the challenge to raise healthy children.

Phoebe app - healthy starts early
  1. The first foods of a child are important for life*.
  2. Get inspired and introduce your child to healthy meals early on.
  3. Allergies are common in babies. We’ll help you find alternatives.
  4. All recipes in short videos. The easiest cookbook you’ve ever tried.
  5. No ads, no tracking, private and completely for free*

Healthy, well balanced meal plans

We strive for simplicity

Phoebe makes it easy for everyone to start cooking healthy meals regardless of cooking skills. We try to keep ingredients simple so you are likely to have them in your pantry. We also know that time is of essence and we focus on creating new recipes that parents can execute quickly even on busy days.


We strive for health

Phoebe is all about helping you to sustain a balanced diet, we try to leave out ingredients that can be unhealthy for children like ultra-processed, salt, fat and added sugar.

Phoebe app v1.1.4 - recipes view

Available Soon

Phoebe, nutrition copilot

Our new exciting version of Phoebe, powered by AI, is coming up shortly and will be released to a limited group of users first.

Questions Answered

Phoebe is a new artificial intelligence chatbot that you can give you answers on nutrition and food related questions such as meal plans, recipes and advice.
Phoebe is currently free for iOS, as a weaning video app but a our new chatbot is launching soon. Pricing will be announced soon.
Currently, on the Apple AppStore in the UK. If you live elsewhere, email us and we will make sure to send it to you. We’re only available for iPhones but working on a web version.
We're glad you asked! We are very open to ideas that can help more families get inspired to cook healthy meals. So yes, you certainly can, drop us a line via the contact page.
No. We are a company with a social purpose and we strongly believe in the alignment of social and commercial interests.

*Further reading, The brain’s window of opportunity UNICEF

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